Aimee (record_and_play) wrote in juniper_shade,

Requests filled and such...we'll, sort of :/

Ok, you can all hate me now.

School has been alot more time consuming than expected. Thus, I have lost track off my requests to fill. I have a couple done but I know there was more. Due to the fact that my schedule has become slightly more balanced, you guys are more than welcome to request again and more if you're interested.

[3] Angels Representation
[2] Random baseball
[1] Foo Fighters
[14] Red Sox (some bases were made by the lovely dreadnought)


01. Image hosted by 02. Image hosted by 03. Image hosted by

  • </b>

04. Image hosted by 05. Image hosted by 06. Image hosted by

07. Image hosted by 08. Image hosted by 09. Image hosted by

10. Image hosted by 11. Image hosted by 12. Image hosted by

13. Image hosted by 14. Image hosted by 15. Image hosted by

16. Image hosted by 17. Image hosted by 18. Image hosted by

19. Image hosted by 20. Image hosted by

Like I said, I'm still taking requests!
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I love all the Red Sox Ones...expecially the Kevin "It's ok" one. Nice Job =)
I love number 03....just wondering where did the original for that one come from?
hmmmm.....gettyimages I believe, lol
I think your #7 and #8 are the same icon. Unless I'm missing a sublety.

The icons are all prettyful. :)
haha, yeah they're the same icon. lol whoops I gotta go fix that and figure out which one i'm missing



12 years ago

These are really nice.

And I have to brag about something. Number 9?! Gabe Kapler??!? I was at that game!! That catch was so spectacular I almost cried from utter delight. I'm going to take it, for memories sake. :-D
I'm so snagging number 6 :) Great job!
Taking #6 - it's great :) With credit.
taking #10!
Taking #1 'cuz it looks like K-Rod. If you have more K-Rod icons back there, I'll take 'em.
taking 9 and 17 . . will credit when used =] awesome job!

(the billy icon your using was made by me)


12 years ago

Love #4 thanks! :o)
Its beautiful.
I love itttttt

ehh, you're alright.
crediting of course bitch.
That Dave Grohl icon is perfection. Great job.
Love these. Snagging pretty much all the Red Sox ones. My only request is to keep 'em coming. Thanks! :D
mmm gabe